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Población y Salud en Mesoamérica is an academic electronic journal, published biannually by the Centro Centroamericano de Población and whose publisher is the University of Costa Rica. The main objective of this publication is the dissemination of research on population from demographic perspective, and public health. This journal is registered and indexed in important international indexes. E-mail contact:



Población y Salud en Mesoamérica is now part of the Scopus

We are pleased to inform the entire academic community that the journal Población y Salud en Mesoamérica is now part of the Scopus database

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The Editorial Board of Población y Salud en Mesoamérica (PSM) is open again to receive manuscripts to be published in its next issues.

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Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of probable cases of congenital Zika syndrome and dengue antibody levels, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.

Cardenas V., Moreno-Perez J., Cabrera-Besares K., Moreno-Lara I., Morales-Arias S., Salvatierra-Izaba B., Gomez V., Palermo P., Obergozo J., Watts D.

Comparative study of cytogenetic biomonitoring in veterinary personnel occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation by cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay

Chaves-Campos F., Vargas Gamboa A., Ramírez Mayorga V., Mora Rodríguez P., Abarca Ramírez M., Valle Bourrouet L.

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