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Since 2013 the journal Agronomía Mesoamericana has made several changes in order to improve its presentation and dissemination, this is how the electronic publication (e-ISSN: 2215-3608) began, meaning immediate visibility anywhere in the world. The advances in the journal were reflected in an increase in the flow of works within it, therefore, for 2016 the decision was made to produce three annual issues, to reduce the load in each one and also the waiting time for publication. For the year 2017 the printed journal was eliminated, as it became unnecessary to keep printing it, since all issues are available on the web, this decision caused the investment in paper to decrease significantly and with it the environmental impact. The next step will be the Continuous Publication, which will start from volume 33, in the publications of the year 2022, there will be a closing issue every four months, but the availability of the approved papers will be more efficient; this new modality of publication that will be adopted, seeks to benefit the authors, reducing the waiting time for publication and the papers will be citable from the moment they are available on the journal's website.
Continuous publication will not modify the quality of the publications, since they must comply with the journal's regulations and follow the entire editorial process: preliminary review, plagiarism review, peer review, manuscript correction stage by the authors, review of citations and references within the text, final review by the editor and final acceptance by the authors of the final version.
The authors and the scientific community interested in the published subject matter benefit, since, by reducing the publication time, there is less dependence on deadlines in the editorial process, and there will be no need to have all the papers prepared by issue, so there will be greater speed in the dissemination of the research. This has motivated the editorial staff to implement it.

APA 7 ed

Dear authors, 

The journal reminds that the format of the references currently used is APA 7 ed. without modifications, so the following link is recommended

Change in citation style

We communicate to all the scientific community linked to Mesoamerican Agronomy that from volume 32(1) the citation style to be used will be APA

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Abstract extension

We informed that the Mesoamerican Agronomy expanded the number of words in the abstract, from 250 to 300.

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