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How to publish in our blog?

The Tropical Biology blog is an open project in which many of us participate ad honorem: the
journal is a non-profit publication without financial resources to pay collaborators; it is an
educational project understand, use sustainably, and protect, tropical biodiversity.

The blog is written by people with knowledge of some field of tropical biology or its conservation,
and the articles must have a good academic level and cite scientific references. Personal
experiences can be included, but only to enrich the scientific content, not to replace it. Please read
a couple of our articles to see style and structure.

We gladly consider unsolicited manuscripts. Our email is:

Insert the small images within the MS Word text, along with their respective captions, and attach
the large versions in JPG format. We recommend a width of 1200 pixels for JPG figures.
Please include a photo of yourself (similar to author photos in other articles on this blog).
You can simply copy the format, length and focus of any recent article, or download this Word
document and replace the content with your own.




 Photo by: Adrian Delgado