Mauricio Montero-Aguilar DDS, MSc

9 |

New Perspectives Article

Nocebo/Placebo Effects in Dental Practice: Two Key Protagonists

Daniel Chavarría-Bolaños DDS, MSc., PhD, Amaury Pozos-Guillén DDS, MSc, PhD, Mauricio Montero Aguilar MSc

10-15 |

Clinical Case Reports

Minimally Invasive Restoration in Anterior Teeth Affected by Enamel Hypoplasia: Clinical Case Report

Juan Carlos Ramírez Barrantes DDS, MSD, PhD

17-31 |

Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis and Nutritional Deficiencies: Report of Three Cases with Literature Review

Yadira V. Boza Oreamuno DDS, MSc, María F. Rugama Flores BSND

33-43 |

Improvement in Oral Health and Compliance in a Child with Congenital Hypothyroidism. Case Report

Hiram Daniel López-Santacruz DDS, Denisse Aidé Herrera-Badillo DDS, Raúl Márquez-Preciado DDS, Gabriela Torre-Delgadillo DDS, Miguel Ángel Rosales-Berber DDS

45-51 |

Literature Review Articles

Measuring Socioeconomic Position From The Social Inequalities In Health Perspective?: The Case of Costa Rica

Romain Fantin MSc, Ingrid Gómez-Duarte MD, MSc, PhD, Juan Pablo Sáenz-Bonilla MSc, Karol Rojas-Araya NP, Cristina Barboza-Solís DDS, MSc, PhD

65-75 |

Original Basic Research Articles

Physicochemical and Tissue Response of PLA Nanofiber Scaffolds Sterilized by Different Techniques

Isarai Mendieta-Barrañon DDS, Osmar A. Chanes-Cuevas DDS, MSc, Marco A. Álvarez-Pérez PhD, Patricia González-Alva DDS, PhD, Luis A. Medina PhD, Manuel Aguilar-Franco MSc, Janeth Serrano-Bello DDS, MSc, PhD

77-88 |

Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength Between Orthodontic Brackets and Three Aged Bulk Fill Composites

Neslihan Seyhan Cezairli DDS, PhD, Ahmet Serkan Kucukekenci DDS, PhD, Hande Basoglu DDS, PhD

89-99 |

Characterization of Enamel After the Use of Oral Hygiene Auxiliaries with Whiteners

Norma Verónica Zavala-Alonso DDS, MSc, PhD, Jorge Humberto Ramírez-González DDS, MSc, Mariana Ramírez-Vergara DDS, José Gilberto Roque-Márquez DDS, MSc, Flores Daniel Silva-Herzog DDS, MSc, PhD

101-110 |

Original Clinical Research Articles

Psychoemotional States and the Presence of Bruxism in Peruvian Dental Students

Nilvert A. Estrada Murillo DDS, Teresa A. Evaristo Chiyong DDS, MSc

111-117 |

Efficacy of Maximun Anchoring Using Transpalanance and Double ATP in Cases Requiring First Superior Premolar Extractions: A Comparative Analysis

William Ubilla-Mazzini DDS, Esp, Tanya Moreira-Campuzano DDS, Esp., Fátima Mazzini-Torres DDS, MSc

119-126 |

Mineralization of Soft Tissues in Panoramic Radiographies

José Aguilar DDS, MSc, Andrés Domínguez DDS, MSc, Gabriela Guaman, Priscilla Medina-Sotomayor DDS, MSc, PhD

127-136 |