New species and combinations in Costa Rican orchids. II


  • Robert L. Dressler Missouri Botanical Garden, Florida Museum of Natural History, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Mailing address: 21305 NW 86th Ave., Micanopy, Florida 32667, U.S.A.



Govenia viaria, from Monteverde to the Dota area, and Palmorchis eidae, from the area of Golfito, are described and illustrated, and Dichaea elliptica, from Panama and southern Costa Rica, is described. A new combination is published for Chondroscaphe endresii, a distinct species that has been confused with C. bicolor; a broader concept of Scaphyglottis calls for the following new combinations: Scaphyglottis bidentata, S. cuniculata, and S. imbricata. The new name Pleurothallis grammata is published, based on Myoxanthus vittatus Pupulin & M.A.Blanco. 


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Dressler, R. L. (2016). New species and combinations in Costa Rican orchids. II. Lankesteriana: International Journal on Orchidology, 2(1).

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