¿Las Sobralias se pueden clasificar? — El complejo de Sobralia warszewiczii


  • Robert Dressler Jardín Botánico Lankester, Universidad de Costa Rica, P.O. Box 302-7050 Cartago, Costa Rica




Orchidaceae, clasificación, classification, Sobralia. S. warszewiczii, enjambres híbridos, hybrid swarms


Sobralia warszewiczii Rchb.f. Rchb.f. was described from western Panama in 1852. The name has been used as far away as southern Mexico, though, in fact, it is not definitely known from Costa Rica, where there are several species with lilac or purple flowers. A species that forms large colonies in northwestern Costa Rica may well be the same species that occurs in southern Mexico, but more study is needed, and it is not clear what the correct names are for any of this complex (except for S. labiata Warsz. & Rchb.f. and S. warszewiczii). Farther south in Costa Rica, there appear to be several species and what are apparently hybrid swarms. 


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Dressler, R. (2011). ¿Las Sobralias se pueden clasificar? — El complejo de Sobralia warszewiczii. Lankesteriana: International Journal on Orchidology, 11(3). https://doi.org/10.15517/lank.v11i3.18278