Background. Childhood obesity is a major worldwide public health problem. To face this epidemic, society requires strategies developed from the structures and possibilities of the community local context and from a holistic approach. Community participation in the development of strategies is necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle. Objective. Select child promoters through online tools during COVID-19 pandemic using a participatory approach. Methods. Puppet theater was used as a tool to select health promoters using a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methodology; five acts regarding the characteristics of a health promoter (Sympathy, Empathy, Solidarity, Responsibility) were presented to children from four elementary schools in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lock down and the work-at-home modality implemented since March 2020 in Mexico, the strategy was developed using on-line platforms. Results. Through the CBPR practice, the classmates of four schools selected 79 students whom they considered met the characteristics to be a health promoter and then carry out a health promotion program aimed at the entire school community in a later study phase. Conclusions. The election participation process was adequately developed through online communication and CBPR principles, using the puppet theater tool.

Keywords: obesity, Community Based Participatory Research, health promotion, program