Defects that occur during the development of anterior teeth are often associated with aesthetic problems. Although enamel hypomineralization does not significantly increase the risk of caries, it causes patients to experience psychosocial problems. A 23-year-old female patient presented to our clinic complaining of white opacity and discolorations in her anterior teeth.  After the systemic and dental anamnesis of the patient, minimally invasive treatment of resin infiltration was planned. In addition, anterior composite resin restorations with impaired color matching was renewed. The patient was recalled 13 months after the treatment. A significant decrease was observed in the appearance of enamel hypomineralizations. The patient was satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. Furthermore, the durability of the treatment after 13 months is satisfactory.

Keywords: Adhesive dentistry; Fluorosis; Minimally invasive dentistry; Resin infiltration.